Whatis the Samsung Galaxy A33 like?

Over the years, Samsung has been the foremost market leader, dictating terms for other smart phone brands and competitors. Samsung Galaxy A series has always been launching smart phones according to user preferences and demands. Be it any smart phone or electronic product line up, Samsung always incorporates suggestions of their esteemed users across the globe. Talking about Samsung Galaxy A33 5G, it is expected to be in the market around February 2022. Samsung users around the globe are looking forward to the release of the Samsung Galaxy A33 5G, which would be backed by roust specs and features, making it more market-oriented and user-friendly.

Samsung Galaxy A33 5G would be the premier smart phone of the A-series, integrating every previous aspect. Samsung Galaxy A33 5G is primarily known as a 5G supported device in major regions across the globe. The 6.4-inch capacitive AMOLED screen of the Samsung Galaxy A33 5G is among the prime features. If you are a regular Samsung user, you would feel Samsung Galaxy A33 5G might not be as powerful and alluring as Samsung S21 Ultra 5G, but it would have somewhat the same features as the smart phones in the market. Samsung Galaxy A33 5G is available in Blue, Black, and Red colours for users around the globe.

Key Features of Samsung Galaxy A33 5G

Samsung Galaxy A33 5G is expected to be the trendsetter for upcoming smart phones in the line up. It would be supporting Android 12, which would go through various updates to keep the firmware secure. The overall user interface and display would be featuring 2400x1080 resolution for individuals streaming content and spending hours playing highly graphical games. The curved glass, with OGS technology, features 10 multi-touch points to enhance the overall display and user experience.

The Samsung Galaxy A33 5G has an approximate brightness of 500 cd/m², ideal for gameplay and content streaming. The 4x Cortex-A76 2.4 GHz processor makes Samsung Galaxy A33 5G more generic and user-friendly. The 64-bit technology with 2 dedicated GPU cores makes Samsung Galaxy A33 5G the leading midrange smart phone brand. Samsung Galaxy A33 5G has a Mali-G57MP gaming processor to satisfy the needs of avid gamers who spend hours streaming the content online. Samsung Galaxy A33 5G has 6GB RAM and 64GB ROM, contributing to the overall user interface and working of the smart phone. Individuals can install external memory cards, up to 256GB in the external memory card slots.

Talking about cameras, Samsung Galaxy A33 5G is expected to integrate the raised camera bump feature, making the camera and sensors more prominent at the back surface. The 48 megapixels main and 16 megapixels back camera are among the top features of the overall device. The dual flash LED light makes selfies look more appealing and softer under dark light. Samsung Galaxy A33 5G is compatible with multiple network connections to facilitate international roaming and users around the globe. Moreover, the dedicated 5G model is launched to make 5G speeds more accessible, making strong digital connectivity for online users. Samsung Galaxy A33 5G supports GPS, A-GPS, GLONASS, making it user-friendly and easily accessible. The battery capacity of the Samsung Galaxy A33 5G has a high-end battery of 5000 mAh, which is enough for avid gamers and content streamers.

The stand-time battery life is about a week, making it extremely handy and convenient for users. To save time, and energy, Samsung Galaxy A33 5G supports wireless charging. The 15W Samsung fast charger comes along with the smart phone. Gyro, Proximity, Fingerprint, Ambient Light, Accelerometer, and Compass sensors are integrated into Samsung Galaxy A33 5G. And not like Apple, the Samsung Galaxy A33 5G has a compatible headphone jack with an IP rating of IP68. USB Type Charging port makes the overall design of Samsung Galaxy A33 5G more appealing and according to the need of the time.

Overall Design and Display of Samsung Galaxy A33 5G

The 6.4-inch capacitive display, with 16 M colours and high resolution, makes the Samsung Galaxy A33 5G one of the best picks of Samsung users. With a decent screen ratio of 19.5:9, it stands among the great design sets under Samsung. The Corning Gorilla Glass 3 protects the screen and the overall device. The précised dimensions of Samsung Galaxy A33 5G are 159.7x74x8. 1mm. The measure of thickness is around 9.7mm, making the smart phone very handy to carry and lightweight.

Expected Pricing of Samsung Galaxy A33 5G

The Samsung Galaxy A33 5G costs around £ 206 in the UK market. Considering the aspect of value for money, then Samsung Galaxy A33 5G is an ideal budget smart phone for individuals that can’t afford high-end Samsung Galaxy A53 or A73. Comparing the overall features and design aspects of Samsung Galaxy A33 5G, it can be concluded that it offers great value for money and would be among the user preferred smart phones due to its integrated features and competitive pricing.

What upgrades can you expect?

You’re probably wondering, so what is different about the Samsung A33? Other than the battery size not changing from 5000mAh, which is the exact, same as the A32, the A33 will come with a bit of upgrades. From rumours we have heard that the Samsung A33 will not be having a headphone jack any longer. This is quite different from other Samsung A series smart phones which all came with a 3.5mm headphone jack. Nevertheless, without the headphone jack, the Samsung A33 will surely be on the list of budget phones. Renders revealed that there will be a change in the positions of the speakers, microphones, volume button and sim card slot for the A33.

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