What is Gorilla Glass?

I’m sure you’ve heard of the term Gorilla Glass quite often. But have you ever wondered what it really is? In this article, we explain the history of Gorilla Glass since it first arrived at smartphones in the mid-2000s.

Initially, what you need to know is that Gorilla Glass is a brand of toughened glass developed by a company called Corning Inc. Corning makes other glass types for sectors other than smartphones, wearables, and handhelds. Those products are, however, not sold under the Gorilla Glass brand name.

What is Gorilla Glass?

Developed by Corning Inc., Gorilla Glass is a glass made from a material called alkali-aluminosilicate, which is formed by bonding aluminum, silicon, and oxygen together. Corning started developing Gorilla Glass technology starting in mid-2005. It was designed to make smartphones and handheld devices resistant to damage and scratches while also being lightweight and thin.

However, Gorilla Glass wasn’t the first advancement Corning made in this sector. The company was formerly known as Chemcor, and they had been in the business of manufacturing resistant glasses that were used on household items, ophthalmic devices, cars, aerospace, and pharmaceutical applications. Ironic, considering Corning is now mostly now for its glass on smartphones.

Although phones with Corning Gorilla Glass are less susceptible to scratches and breakages, please do note that the technology does not make your phone or tablet) unbreakable. As mentioned above, think of Gorilla Glass as a technology that aids in increasing the durability of your smartphone screen over long periods of use and rescues it from accidental drops.



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