What handsets can we expect from Oppo and Google this year?


What is expected from Oppo?

A more certain arrival from Oppo is the upcoming Find X4 and its Pro sibling. Officially scheduled for release in early 2022, the fresh flagship is likely to arrive in several guises. If the Find X3 family is anything to go by, that will include an affordable Lite model, a mid-range Neo edition and a top-end Pro device.

What is new with this latest model?

Oppo has already confirmed that the new Find X4 Pro will be powered by Snapdragon’s 8 Gen 1 processor. The Find X3 Pro was a smartphone with true flagship performance, styling and specs. If the Find X4 Pro follows in its footsteps then it could give Apple and Samsung some serious competition – although its price tag is likely to be an obstacle for many buyers.

What is the expected price range and release date of this new handset?

Oppo hasn’t penned an exact release date, but with MWC 2022 taking place at the end of February, that could well be the moment that we see the covers taken off the new line-up. It’s tricky to predict pricing for the upcoming trio, although based on the cost of the Find X3 models, we could see the Find X4 Pro hit shelves at around £1100, with the Neo starting at £750 and the Lite at a much lower £400.

Google Pixel

Is Google making a new flagship?

Google’s Pixel 6 was googles return to making flagships. We don’t have any concrete info about its successor, but the Pixel 7 is likely to continue that trend. That means it should offer top-tier smartphone features.

When can we expect the new Pixel?

We know that it’s likely to arrive in September or October, which is when Google’s phones have traditionally broken cover.

What changes will have occurred?

It is widely expected to become available with the second generation of Google’s Tensor chip, which got its first outing with the Pixel 6. Beyond that, it’s pretty much unknown what it will be like. It would be a surprise to see any major design overhauls (given that the Pixel 6 was a step-change from the Pixel 5 before it). But with some internet murmurings already mooting whether Google might merge the standard and Pro models to offer just a single version of the Pixel 7, anything is possible.

What about the mid-range version?

Google’s Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro handsets launched in October 2021, with revamped designs and improved camera hardware which signalled a return for the Pixel family to flagship status. As with the previous three Pixel generations, it’s widely believed that a mid-range version will launch in 2022.

Is there anything new we can expect from the Pixel 'a' devices?

Early leaks indicate that the Pixel 6a will still ship with Google’s own Tensor processor, plus a design similar to its premium siblings, including the distinctive rear camera bar. The savings seem likely to come courtesy of impressive shooting skills, with some sources suggesting that the Pixel 6a will have camera kit equivalent to what was found on the Pixel 3. Judging from the release dates of previous Pixel ‘a’ devices, we’d expect to see the Pixel 6a break cover in August 2022, however nothing has been confirmed to date.

Google Pixel Fold

What about the elusive Pixel Fold?

The Google Pixel Fold still only exists as a rumor with Google keeping tight-lipped on any plans it has for a foldable phone. Depending on who you ask, you’ll hear a whole range of rumours surrounding Apple making a fold series of handset. Some thought the Pixel 6 would be bendable. Others predicted a separate Pixel Fold device would launch by the end of 2021. However, the latest info indicates that Google won’t launch the Fold at all – at least, not in its current form.

Does that mean we won’t see a folding Pixel phone in 2022?

Not necessarily. It is more likely that Google has removed its first attempt at a foldable phone, in order to focus on a fresh handset for release later in the year. That would certainly fit with industry intel that claims Google won’t launch a foldable in the first half of 2022. These tidbits of information so far seem to have a Pixel Fold tipped to arrive sooner than later, which would make sense as the demand of foldable phones is expanding.

What will the spec sheet of Google’s foldable have in store?

 That’s even less certain – although if it follows the mould set by the Pixel 6, you can expect a premium design with an Android interface that’s optimised for a folding setup, possibly like the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold series.


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