Understanding the Different Types of Phone Screen Protectors

The screen protector for a smartphone is perhaps one of the best, and most important, accessories you should have to compliment and protect your device. The logical use of a screen protector is easy to understand, but what could be more complex is the actual type of the screen protector. That’s right there are a few different types, with each having its own advantages. Before you place a screen protector on your phone, consider the popular types and materials they’re made from:

Fact: Did you know the screen protector was invented in 1968 by Herbert Schiegel. He design and patented the first of its kind to be used on the screens of televisions. Smartphone screen protectors emerged from personal digital assistants, or PDAs, which were notorious for getting scratches.

Most Common Screen Protector Types

  • Tempered glass – Offers decent protection against impact as well as scratches
  • PET plastic – Generally covers basic scratch protection
  • TPU plastic – Scratch protection only
  • Multi-layered screen protector – Very durable and can withstand significant amounts of shock

Beyond the basic material of the phone protector, you may find various differences in the actual appearance of the accessory.

Ultra-clear screen protector – Highly transparent so that it can provide a sharp, clear view of the screen. These screen protectors can block UV rays and come with a non-adhesive silicone back which makes it easy to take off and replace.

Anti-glare screen protector – Ideal for people who use their phones outdoors and need to block the glare from UV rays. These types of screen protectors also prevent fingerprint coating in addition to being scratch resistant.

Privacy screen protector – These protectors are right for anyone who wants to secure the information they’re looking at by disallowing anyone to be able to see the phone’s screen without viewing it straight on. At any other angle, the phone will appear black.

Mirror screen protector – These can turn your phone into a decent mirror when it’s not in use. However, their popularity has decreased now that most phones have a front facing camera.

Do you need a new phone screen protector?

Phone screen covers have the ability to prevent costly damage which could have been avoided. If you don’t have one, stop by any of the Fix My Phone outlets. Our phone technicians will get yours comfortably placed on your device in no time at all. Contact US to find out more.

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