The best phone cases in 2021: SAFEGUARD YOUR PHONE

Snap up one of the best phone cases today to protect your device from dirt, scratches and shattered screens

We've all seen them, the cell phones with the shattered glass screens... and it is actually avoidable, if you buy the right protective cell phone case. Shattered displays are one of the most common accidents to befall a cell phone. It's most likely to happen if you drop your device and it lands on a corner, where the force exerted on the glass is more concentrated. So, as a bare minimum, you need a cell phone case that uses a shock-absorbent material, such as silicone or rubber, and it's also best to go for one that protects the corners. If you’re not accident prone and are careful with your cell phone, then a slim, unobtrusive cell phone case from a brand like Peel might suffice.

Having said that, a more costly calamity for a camera phone is a cracked lens – and the best way to avoid this is to buy a tougher cell phone case. You'll want to opt for something like the Defender series from OtterBox, if you're a but of a butter fingers, or even if you're just not willing to risk it, which has a durable, layered design to safeguard your cell phone from dents and drops.

Ultimately, the best cell phone case for you depends on what you want from your cell phone: you need to ask yourself if you want it to be more stylish or safe? And consider how you use it. If you're out and about in any weather, you'll probably want to opt for a waterproof cell phone design that's also rugged.

All the cell phone cases here are optimized for camera phones, so whatever level of protection you’re after, you’ll find one that won't hinder your ability to take great photographs quickly and easily. 



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