iPhone 12 Pro Max takes the iPhone to yet another level

We're used to the routine by now: every year Apple puts out a newer, faster, iPhone with better cameras. While the iPhone 12 Pro Max isn't particular ground-breaking in terms of what it offers, it's the newest, and the biggest, and the best iPhone that money can buy right now – and you will need a lot of money for it.

At a glance:

  • Packed with power
  • Superb rear camera
  • Excellent battery life

Aside from the screen sizes, the key difference is that the two Pro models have an extra rear camera lens that enables optical zoom. All four models run the same iOS 14 software, with the same super-speedy A14 Bionic chip inside, and that's important when weighing up the iPhone 12 Pro Max – in terms of fundamentals it doesn't do a whole lot more than the iPhone 12 mini does, it just costs $400 extra.

The best screen size is really down to your personal preference, but thanks to some very thin bezels, the iPhone 12 Pro Max is just about usable in one hand, as long as your hands are fairly big. There's a design tweak from the iPhone 11 though, with the curved edges around the sides giving way to a flatter look more reminiscent of the latest iPad Pros (or the iPhone 5).

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