How to install a tempered glass screen protector?

A tempered glass screen protector is installed in almost the same way as a plastic screen protector. The glass protector has two plastic protections on both sides, so we must remove the protection on one side to place it on the Smartphone screen, then the protection, on the other hand, is removed, and your screen protector is installed.

Step 1: The first step is to remove any old case or screen protector on our phone.

    Step 2: Then, we clean the screen very well with glass cleaner to avoid traces or dust spots.

    Step 3: Once we have the screen cleaned, we remove the protector's first protection and place it on the screen. No need to worry about installing the first time; the important thing is that the protector is well placed.

    Step 4: Then we rub the screen with a cloth or squeegee card to remove the bubbles (If any appeared while installation).

    Step 5: Once we place the protector correctly, we remove the other protection, and we will already have the screen protector set on our Smartphone.

      Tempered Glass Screen Protector Price

      As for the price of the glass screen protector, it will vary depending on the model of your mobile.

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