How to Disinfect a Phone Without Damaging It


Now that you’re a bit spooked and ready to buy a hazmat suit, let us remind you again that the likelihood of getting sick from these germs is very low. The risk of contracting an illness almost drops to zero if you disinfect your phone regularly. The good thing about killing bacteria on phones too is that it’s dirt simple (excuse the pun). 

Let’s start with some don’ts.


  • Don’t use alcohol or harsh chemical cleaners to disinfect your phone (this can damage the unit if it seeps into ports or jacks)
  • Don’t use harsh cloths or paper towels to wipe screens as this can scratch delicate screen surfaces


  • Use a specially-formulated cleaner designed to clean and disinfect screens, and contains no harsh chemicals
  • Use a screen cleaning product and an antimicrobial cloths

    And voila! The phone screen bacteria you normally come in contact with will die off for the most part.  

    Practical Tips for Minimizing Bacteria on Phones

    • Stop toilet texting and be one with nature
    • Wash your hands frequently, especially after touching public surfaces
    • Beware of surfaces you touch throughout the day
    • Be careful who you share your phone with
    • Limit your phone’s contact with small children
    • Use your phone less if doing a dirty or messy job
    • Get a case already! (it’s like a barrier between your phone and bacteria)

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