Hardness gives Endurance to Tempered Glass and More

We have spoken many a times about the usefulness of tempered glass screen protector. We have also discussed how the market is flooded with new types of Mobile phones that offer all the new specs and glamour. Every time any Mobile phone making company announces the arrival of new handset task becomes harder for the makers of tempered glass screen protector. Every Mobile phone user now a day are smart enough to know the importance of installing tempered glass screen protector to their phone but how well they know about the hardness of the product?  How hardness of the glass plays an important role to turn the table in favour of tempered glass screen protector from plastic screen guards? It is really remarkable to see the growth of market and sales volume, People trusts tempered glass screen protector.

People are dumping Plastic Screen Guards

First of all Plastics are not eco-friendly.  More you use plastic product more you are polluting world. So, it is always better to discard plastic products and adapt to something that is environment friendly yet much more effective. This is where tempered glass scores its first point. Glass is an eco-friendly material and compare to plastic it has almost no effect in creating harmful elements to our earth or environment.

Plastics screen guards are also not good enough to keep the clarity and hardness wise too they are not good enough. On the other hand its proven long ago that tempered glass screen protector can keep the level of clarity almost 99% same as the original  glass screen of the Mobile phone.

In the matter of hardness, plastic screens are nowhere near to the tempered glass screen protector. Even if you go for low-cost tempered glass screen protector that will give you edge over its plastic counterpart at the same price level.

Why Hardness is a Factor?

This question may sound silly to some but holds immense important, There are other factors and properties to that makes tempered glass screen protector far better than any other product and more better the hardness is more it lasts long.

Hardness holds the fort

If the glass hardness level is good and well tempered then chances are high that the product will lasts long. Moreover, it will protect the Mobile phone from all unwanted scratches and damages as well as impacts from accidental drops on hard surfaces.  There are different types of Mobile phone users in this world – some takes real good care of their Mobile phone while others are too busy to even notice sudden shocks, collisions, scratches from sharp objects and metals. This is exactly where you need to depend on the hardness of tempered glass screen protector.

Making process is the key

When we talk about hardness of tempered glass screen protector we actually are talking about the making process of the glass i.e. tempering process of the glass. This glass tempering process helps the glass to attain certain amount of harness which is at least 5 times harder than the normal glasses.

Hardness of tempered glass screen protector defines the strength that it shows off to the world. It flexes its hardness muscles to show the world its selling point. It has different parameters to it. Makers of tempered glass screen protectors always ensure that they provide the best product to their customers and never forget to mention it in the package.  It is actually one of properties that people look for and depend upon to make their final decision on purchase.

There is a scale of course presents to scale the level of hardness which is known as Mohs hardness scale. According to that scale one can mark the hardness of any material including glass between 1 to 10 and that is acceptable to everyone in the industry. Normal glass is placed around 5 on that scale where as hardness of the tempered glass screen protector is marked around 9. So, you can always find on the package that 9H is written as the hardness of tempered glass screen protector. This scale also determines the ability of the minerals to how far they can make scratches to each other’s surface. So each mineral has its own level of resistances against scratches.


Hardness of the product also assures endurance. This means if the element of hardness is right then tempered glass screen protector can provide longer level of endurance and lasts long. Technology of present days also makes the entire process easier and keeps the cost of making under control.

So, even if anyone can build their business around this product they can safely invest their money into it.  It is always good to look for a better manufacturer of tempered glass screen protector who can promise good quality and ensures all the properties without charging a huge amount of money as its price.



 Tempered glass screen protector is the best solution to protect the glass screen of the Mobile phone. Buyers from all over the world now have the chance to select and buy tempered glass screen protector as per their choice. One of the best ways to pick is to check the hardness of the tempered glass screen protector. No one can contest the fact that 9H is offers the best hardness and protection when it comes to tempered glass screen protector.  Moh’s scale fortifies the claim and we all now can safely say that good quality of tempered glass screen protector

In this article we have tried to give you a complete overview on hardness of tempered glass screen protector and we can only hope this will help you to understand the utility of the product as well as the importance of hardness.  We will continue to give valuable information regarding tempered glass screen protector and continue our elaborate discussion on its various properties.

If you have something to say or want to know more about tempered glass screen protector then let us know. We will surely get back to you with proper answer.

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