Are new phones good for playing games?

The popularity of mobile gaming has increased rapidly over the years, thanks to the improvements in chipset quality, display sizes, and the games themselves. Not to mention the portability benefits, enabling you to game wherever you are in the world. We’ll be taking you through exactly what makes a good gaming phone, and the specifications to look out for that can improve your game play.


The quality of your smart phone’s display is crucial for an immersive gaming experience. With that in mind, when you’re looking for a gaming phone that will suit all your gaming needs, be sure to look out for the screen-to-body ratio, as well as display resolution. Some of the best displays include Full HD+, Super Retina, and OLED – which offer a vibrancy that’s perfect for gaming, especially when paired with minimal bezels. Another specification keen mobile gamers should look out for is a fast refresh rate, such as 90Hz or 120Hz. The refresh rate dictates how often a frame is changed and refreshed, for example, a smart phone at 120Hz will refresh the screen 120 times per second. A faster refresh rate means smoother on-screen graphics, making game play more cinematic than ever. What’s more, the reduction in motion blur can have a positive impact on the picture too, making the action feel sharper. Another benefit of quicker refresh rates is that they enable your smart phone to handle complex scene transitions with ease, perfect for graphics-intensive games.


For mobile gamers, there’s nothing worse than glitches slowing down your game. This is all determined by the quality of your smart phone’s processor and is an important spec to consider. Advanced processors like Apple’s A15 Bionic chip, the Qualcomm Snapdragon 888, or Samsung Exynos 2100 are powerful chipsets that can provide you with seamless, glitch-free gaming. These chipsets are the main impetus behind a smart phone’s ability to multitask too, which means you have the option to quickly check your social media, before delving back into your mobile game. On top of that, improved processors mean that your battery is distributed more efficiently, giving you more time to complete the next level, without needing to recharge.


RAM (Random Access Memory) is built into your smart phone and is a place to hold data. Smart phones with a small amount of RAM are more prone to slow down, especially when a large number of applications are open. As a result, smart phone memory is another factor that can have a detrimental impact on your gaming experience, if the memory is too small. Most commonly, smart phones come with between 4 and 8GB RAM as a bare minimum, but often more advanced devices can reach up to 10 or 12GB, which is ideal for mobile gaming. Smart phones designed with more RAM provide you with more virtual memory, meaning you can enjoy faster loading speeds and minimal lagging. Another benefit of more RAM is that apps can run successfully in the background without slowing your device down.

Cooling system

Many new smart phones utilise thermal technology to cool down the device. During mobile game play, handsets often heat up; this is because playing on mobile games is a resource-intensive task for your smart phone. Some manufacturers incorporate liquid cooling to regulate the temperature of the smart phone, whilst others add an internal fan. So, it’s worth checking the cooling system of your potential handset and finding an appropriate device that can handle your gaming needs.


Although this may seem obvious, having a smart phone with an impressive battery life will give you more time to enjoy the games you love. It’s well known that mobile games can quickly drain a smart phone’s battery life. This is most common for graphics-intensive games, as well as those that require a Wi-Fi connection or use mobile data. Due to the increase in power consumption, mobile gamers should try and find a smart phone with at least a 4,500 mAh battery. That way, you’ll have more gaming time which is great for when you’re gaming on the go. Another aspect to consider is that there are many smart phones on the market with fast charging capabilities.

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